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Churchill High School

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Churchill High School

Livonia Churchill High School

Churchill High School

Livonia Churchill High School

Varsity Jacket Information

Varsity Jackets

Churchill Athletic Award System

Varsity Jacket



For meeting the minimum requirements as established for each of the varsity teams, one ward in the form of a six (6) inch block “C” will be given. This award remains the property of the high school and may be recalled by the principal or the athletic director at any time prior to graduation should the athlete’s conduct be in violation of the Churchill High School or Livonia Public School’s code of behavior for athletes. The block “C” may only be worn on the following described jacket.


  1. DESCRIPTION OF BASIC JACKET: Black jacket body, snaps, and leather sleeve with black cuffs, stand-up collar and waist band with two Scarlet stripes on each.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BASIC LETTER: Scarlet block “C” trimmed in black on white felt. The letter is placed to the left of center snaps on upper chest.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF GRADUATION NUMERALS: Scarlet two-inch numerals trimmed in black on white felt. The numerals are placed on the top of the left shoulder.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF CAPTAIN’S STAR: Scarlet two-inch star trimmed in black on white felt. The star is placed on top of the right shoulder.
  5. DESCRIPTION OF LETTER WINNER’S NAME: The person’s name must be script stitched in Scarlet. The name is placed to the right of center snaps on upper chest or may be placed on the inside of the jacket. NO NICKNAMES.
  6. DESCRIPTION OF SCHOOL INDENTIFICATION: Only “Churchill Varsity” can be script stitched on the back of the jacket in Scarlet trimmed in white.
  7. DESCRIPTION OF SPECIAL PATCHES: When a conference, division, or other championship is earned, the letter winner is entitled to wear a round in design, Scarlet on white “Champs”, “Co-Champs” or “State Champs” patch. Athletes earning “All State” honors may wear a state or Michigan design, Scarlet on white “All State” patch. These patches must be purchased by the letter award winner from the their coach. These patches must be placed on the back of the jacket below “Churchill Varsity.”
  8. DESCRIPTION OF SPORT PINS, MEDALS, CHEVRONS, & BARS: Sport pins, which indicate the sport of the letter winner, may be attached to the letter on the jacket. Athletes winning medals while representing Churchill may attach the medal to the letter. Gold colored bars or chevron pins may be placed on the letter to indicate the number or years lettered in that sport.
  9. OTHER JACKET STIPULATIONS: No person other than the letter winner is allowed to wear the jacket. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ELSE ON THE JACKETS. Any questions should be referred to Marc Hage – Athletic Administrator.




At the present time, the official Churchill Varsity Jacket, as described above, may be purchased at:


Livonia Trophy & Screen Printing

38065 Ann Arbor Rd.

Livonia, MI 48150

Telephone #: 734-464-9191

Scott Wilson – Owner


McGowan’s Sport Shop

33044 Five Mile Rd.

Livonia, MI 48154

Telephone #: 734-421-3340

Mike McGowan – Owner


Beck & Boys Custom Apparel

33650 Five Mile Rd.

Livonia, MI 48154

Telephone #: 734-458-4015

Kitty Beck – Owner


Letter jackets are in stock at Livonia Trophy & Screen Printing, McGowan’s Sport Shop and Beck & Boys Custom Apparel.


**It will be necessary to show this letter upon order to prove you are a letter winner and entitled to purchase a jacket. Remember NOTHING ADDITIONAL MAY BE ADDED TO THE JACKET without permission from Marc Hage – Athletic Administrator. In addition, pre-ordering of jackets is prohibited unless you prove you are a letter winner.